3 things I’ve stopped and 3 things I’ve started doing since Lockdown


We’re now on week 6 of lockdown and I’ve been reflecting on how my life has changed in this time. Not in the obvious big ways (not seeing friends, missing the pub etc) but in small ways that I perhaps didn’t expect.

Things I’ve stopped doing whilst in Lockdown

1. Straightening my hair

On the surface this may seem like an obvious and minor thing, I imagine the GHDs are gaining a bit of dust in most homes right now. But, my hair naturally is very thick, curly and frizzy so I spend most mornings blow drying, smoothing and re-curling – this has to be the first time in at least 10 years that I have resisted the straighteners for so long.

I’m now 6 weeks in without using straighteners and my frazzled curls are starting to take shape again. Don’t get me wrong, my hair is still big and unruly, but I’m trying to embrace who I am a little more. Like my hair, I’m not perfect and I’m at my best when I feel a bit wild and free. I may be reaching for the straighteners again when we’re out of this but if nothing else, it’s been a great time to let my hair recover and it’s been lovely not spending so much time in front of the mirror every day. 

2. Dating

Ok so technically I wasn’t doing a lot of this before lockdown – things had just ended with someone that bruised my heart a little, so it’s been some time since I’ve properly been on the dating scene. But, as lockdown settled in I was hearing stories from friends of facetime dates, deliveroo dinners and some had even started writing to each other (how romantic!). It made me wonder if in fact now might be the perfect time to meet someone? It could whittle out the guys that weren’t serious and be a nice way to slowly get to know someone.

Unfortunately my optimism was short-lived, the offer of facetime drinks came and I found that I just wasn’t interested. What I love about dating is the excitement of actually meeting someone, figuring out (almost instantly in my experience) whether you fancy them or not, the nervousness and excitement of it all … the first kiss, the suggestion of a second date, the “text me when you get home”. Without those things dating just feels a bit like more admin right now, and I really do hate admin. I can be a bit of a cynic so I’m sure it absolutely is working for some, but lockdown dating isn’t for me.

3. Spending money on clothes

ASOS, Zara and & Other Stories have taken a real hit from me personally in the last few months. Like a lot of us, I’m trying to use this time to save some money and I find “out of sight, out of mind” really is the easiest way to not buying. Working in central London means I’m constantly walking past my favourite shops and ‘accidentally’ spending money on things I just had to have (I’m really good at justifying purchases to myself – it comes from years of practise justifying my purchases to ex boyfriends and parents). Well, with the shops out of reach, I’ve managed to refrain from the daily ASOS check and I’m actually not missing spending money on clothes – let’s hope this one stays, but I have a feeling it won’t!

Things I’ve started doing whilst in Lockdown

1. Talking to my mum every day

I’m very lucky, my Mum and I are really close and as she doesn’t live close by we often talk over the phone a few times a week anyway. But, lately it’s even as often as a few times a day! We won’t talk for long each time but we check in on each other, call to share a reaction to a funny video, or facetime for a proper chat. It’s been 10 weeks since I last saw her (yes, I counted) and we worked out the other day that the last time we went this long was when I went travelling after university. I miss her a lot and can’t wait until we can see each other again but, in the meantime our calls and the notes and packages she sends in the post are getting me through.

2. Yoga

I’ve been wanting to get into yoga for a while but I was put off by the idea of going to a class full of yogis dressed in lululemon, whilst I can’t even touch my toes. But I’ve been using the time at home to finally get into it – mainly by following some beginner videos on YouTube and learning from my lovely and patient cousin who’s been teaching me the basics over Zoom. Maybe when lockdown is over I’ll actually brave it to a class now that I know the difference between a downward dog and warrior two pose (hopefully warrior one isn’t important).

3. Using the Calm app

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have no trouble sleeping, in fact I often struggle to stay awake! But over the last couple of months I’ve found it hard to get a good night’s sleep. A friend recommended downloading Calm and trying their sleep stories and I absolutely love it. They’re a bit like children’s bedtime stories, read by a soothing voice that’s intended to help drift you off. I would say that the stories are brilliant, but I’m not sure I can give the most comprehensive review as I often listen back the next morning and find I can’t seem to stay awake past 2 and a half mins. If you’re giving it a go I recommend starting with Wonder, read by Mathew McConaughey – hopefully the remaining 27 mins is just as good as the first few. 

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