The Fraud Shake

fraud shake

I follow a real mix of people on instagram; the variety of people and content is one of the things I love about the app. From real life friends, to food accounts, to body positive influencers, to dog accounts (pure happiness), to poetry accounts – the list goes on. 

One of the people on this list is Angie Smith, stylist to the likes of Holly Willoughby and Laura Whitmore. I started following her as I loved most things I saw her dressing her clients in but I realised I also love her style too – unfussy, classic pieces and lots of handy ‘ways to wear’ tips.

I often watch her insta-stories not just because of her styling but because where she lives in Aus looks bloody lovely and also they often feature her adorable dog, Gus. She also likes to share the occasional recipe, most of which I think looks nice but probably would never bother trying. That was until the ‘Fraud shake’ came along. 

One day Angie shared her recipe for a shake (personally I’d call it a smoothie but each to their own) that apparently tastes exactly like white chocolate. It seemed everyone watching her stories was fascinated and from then on, she’s mostly been re-sharing other people’s attempts at the shake. I kept forgetting to buy mango until R messaged to say she’d tried the infamous shake and gave us her thoughts (I’ll let her share those herself). So, a few days later after sourcing a mango, I gave the shake a go.

Here’s the ‘official’ list of ingredients

3 big slices of mango – I should have definitely googled how to cut a mango – what a bloody disaster that was! Ended up adding all the mango I could get off into the blender

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 teaspoon honey – I didn’t get the ‘official’ recipe beforehand and whacked in a tablespoon of honey. This and the whole mango explains why mine was so sweet!

100g spinach – who has time to weigh out spinach? I put in a couple of handfuls

200ml oat milk – again, definitely didn’t weigh this out, just went with it

200ml water – as you’ve probably guessed, I did the same for this. I like a thicker smoothie so put in more of a splash of water to top up

how not to cut a mango for a shake

Whizz it all up in a blender. If you’ve read my post about making gnocchi, you’ll know this is my kind of thing


Sweeter than your average smoothie. Did it taste like white chocolate? Not really. I got a hint of white chocolate but honestly I think that was my brain wanting it to taste like white chocolate as everyone else out there does. Maybe there’s some precision to the measuring that helps with the taste – who knows? To me it tasted a bit like cake mix (anyone else lick the bowl after baking?) and something that tastes like cake mix and has 2 of my 5 a day included is a win in my eyes.

R’s Verdict

I wish I could be as chilled as E (in baking, smoothie making and life) but I measured everything with, some might say, the precision of a perfectionist. But, bad news, it still didn’t taste like white chocolate. It tasted nice, like a green smoothie, but definitely not white chocolate. I’ve seen posts about this on a daily basis lately, so many people with minds blown – “how do these ingredients end up tasting like white chocolate?” Someone help us, where are we going wrong with this Insta-famous fraud shake?

S’s Verdict

I actually think the way we each approached making the smoothie really shows our characters. E throws everything with optimism and hopes for the best, R takes the perfectionist’s approach and is disappointed by the results and I completely forgot to include one key ingredient …honey. I can confirm that without the honey the fraud shake reveals itself for what it really is – a healthy mix of spinach and peanut butter. Even after realising my mistake and adding in the honey, I have to agree with the girls and can only assume the people who think it tastes like white chocolate have never actually tasted white chocolate.

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